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A day trip to India? (By memory)

By Jon Searle

The current London weather has forced me to rely on memories of hot weather. This started off as a strain on the mind, but after a while, I found long lost experiences flooding into my mind’s eye. As the memories are distant and few, I decided to condense all of them into one day in Goa, as if it were a day trip.

I had never been on a holiday before so stepping out of the plane onto Indian soil was an exciting, yet expensive new treat for me. Everything appeared different, from the strange cars to strange smells.

Upon entering my hotel room with my family, I did my own test for the temperature of the overpowering sun. I took an ice-cube from the freezer and threw it onto the pavement outside. Before my eyes it went through three stages of matter: solid then liquid then vapour. English summers were in a completely different ballpark to this degree of heat, so i thought sunburn was a myth until I ventured out onto my first adventure the next day.

Navigating the markets was much harder than it sounds. Being slightly under cover was just enough to trap in the humidity from the enormous amount of people plus their perspiration. The smells were all potent but for very different reasons. At one stall hessian sacks were filled with exotic looking spices with the smells to suit. But for every good smell there were bad to counter it.
The smell of fish comes to mind.

Coming back to the hotel we all had a lounge by the pool with a lager (a rare treat for my age at the time). My uncle arrived after spending the day on a motorbike with his girlfriend and was completely black from the dust and fumes. Only an extremely distinct patch covering his eyes, where his goggles had obviously had resided, remained his natural tone. Without a two minute gap from his arrival, I could see another guest sprinting across the grounds. It was quite obvious where he was aiming – the pool. After crossing an imaginary line from which he had judged his ability to jump, he leapt up and flew the remainder of the distance landing in his desired location of cool liquid bliss. One problem – he hadn’t removed his camera from around his neck.

Dinner that night was at a recommended place known as ‘Dick’s Corner’, my brothers and I found this extremely amusing. It turns out that Indian cooking isn’t as much ‘spicy’ but more ‘Spiced’, the flavours were incredible, even to the undeveloped pallet of a 12 year old. The cauliflower pakodas had here are still a vivid memory which developed into this being a favourite dish of mine to this day.

I didn’t leave the restaurant with a happy memory though unfortunately. Slicing bread with the clumsy hands of a 12 year old virgin is not a good idea, so inevitably I cut my finger. This turned into a trip to the chef/doctor who was wielding a bottle with no medical translation on it. I remember thinking as he was trying to grab my hand talking in a language I didn’t understand, some professional translation of Hindi at this point would be perfect. Please?

The Land of Opportunities: USA

More and more people are choosing to leave their homeland and move to live in the USA. As markets become more global and the ability to travel easier, a lot of professionals are now living and working in the USA. Globalisation has changed the way people live their lives and purse their professional careers.

 But what are the implications of leaving one’s home country and moving to somewhere as vast and diverse as the United States?

 For those coming from third world countries there is bound to be a huge culture shock and depending on which part of the world that is, the cultural gulf can seem pretty wide. From different modes of dress, to different moral codes, social interaction and cultural mores, this can prove particularly daunting for a newcomer. For example an Indian person can easily get lost in America with huge landscapes and diverse living environment. India has several different languages compared to ‘English’ being the most widely spoken language in America. In such situations a foreign professional may also need help from a reliable Translation agency for language translations. Reliable Translation services can help people get a long way in a foreign place. Now let’s get back to our main Topic!!

 As a professional coming to live and work in America, you need to be prepared emotionally, mentally and physically for life in the USA.  As a western society, the prime focus is the individual and so anyone coming from a background or culture where things work collectively , needs to get used to the idea of “every man for himself” and learn to become self-reliant and independent.

 Secondly, the American society is one that thrives on speed and efficiency and this is mirrored throughout day to day interactions and activities – such as shopping ( self-shopping checkouts being a prime example), living on credit – most things are bought on credit and utilising services where everything is automated or computerised from bill paying, to buying petrol at the gas station.

 In order to prepare yourself for coming to America you need to remember that you must be self-reliant, willing to take responsibility for your success or failure, quick off the mark and quick to learn – and there will be a lot to learn. From how to deal with government agencies (which though efficient, can sometimes be rather slow), to handling every type of bill under the sun. Everything is paid for; water, gas, electricity, road tax, car tax, insurance for home, healthcare, life etc. You must be prepared for this, especially if you have come from a country where a lot of these things do not exist or are not as sophisticated.

 Finally in order to adapt well to the American way of life, you have to understand the people. Americans are generally genial, friendly and quite open. However, they value hard work, industry and the ability to “get on with it”. They work long hours, have on average 14 days holiday per year and are firm believers in reaping what you sow.

 If this doesn’t put you off, then living and working in America could prove to be a rewarding and enriching experience that could open doors and opportunities for you. There are ample opportunities for relaxation such as bars, restaurants, cafes, theme parks and sports arenas. Sports features hugely in American life both participatory and watched – and it is a national pastime to support a baseball, basketball or football team. They take it very seriously.

 It is also a country rich in diversity and culture, extremely large and very welcoming. Several languages are spoken across different states of America with people from around the world living and working in the country. So for those considering a move to the States, give it a try as it might just surprise you in more ways than one.

World in 2050…..


Don’t we all wonder how the world will be 25 years from now? I remember when I was born in mid 1980’s there was no internet and even no computers. However the world has completely changed over the last 25 years with technology overtaking the world. Forget about computers now a day we have laptops, I Pod’s, I Pad’s, Kindle and even Robots. Debates about the future have already began with scientist and technology practitioners predicting the world fate after quarter of a century.

But is it all about technology?

Are we only going to debate about how robots will rule over lives in 2050 or how human cloning will be a practical truth? Several Hollywood films have already touched upon this topic and have predicted the future of technology in 2050. On the other hand very few experts have predicted the future of religion, culture, tradition and languages in 2050. India has a very rich history of several religions and culture attached with people’s daily life. However being an Indian and having lived the majority of my life in India I do fear the future of religion, culture and traditions of this great country.

People in India are still very religious and family oriented compared to their western counter parts. However will this trend continue? I have seen several changes in India over the past decade and believe this will be an ongoing trend. Indian languages are renowned across the world and have helped several industries like Translations and have increased the demand in high quality Translation services. However in 2050 will English replace Hindi as the most widely spoken language in India? When we look at the Western world then we wonder about countries like USA and UK and fear about their future. Western culture is regarded as very independent and individualistic. Technology may help the western countries to establish themselves as superpowers but will they lack on the grounds of humanity. Technology can make people from the west very selfish and individualistic by 2050.

Machine driven humans….

Our lives are already very heavily dependent on machines in 2012. Don’t you all have movements where your internet connection goes down or your laptop breaks down and we feel lost! Well that’s how badly we are already depending on technology. It is a universal fact that technology is the reality of the 21st century whether you hate it or you like it but you cannot ignore it. But how technology will shape up in 2050 is an interesting topic which has rarely been explored and people will debate about it for years to come.

India aim for 1 billion internet users…

FDI in India has been increasing year in year out, which has lead to many internal developments. One of these developments has been the widespread of internet availability. India is known for its superior IT services in which Western businesses more than often outsource work to.

Obviously economic development does cause some negative symptoms to the home population. One of the biggest problems in India has been the class division and the growth of this class division through economic development. The class division roots back to colonisation and has existed ever since. On a positive note the Indian government aim to make internet access more affordable across the class division.

A UK based company (Datawind Ltd) that produces wireless products such as laptops and tablets has just signed a contract with the Indian government to provide low cost tablets aimed at students in India. Each tablet will cost around $50 and will operate in 17 languages with the use of a translation agency providing translation services. The main online languages in India are Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and of course Punjabi. These are generally the main languages professional translation agencies

This idea of providing developing countries with affordable laptops coincides with the U.S based charity ethos ‘one laptop per child’. This will not only help the individual opportunities of each person but will increase the economic development of the country with more skilled workers for the future.

The same principle applies to other developing economies in Africa such as Nigeria and Ghana but the first step is developing the infrastructure such as the network cables and electricity supply.

It will be great when the online world is truly globalised and the developing nations have a strong online presence. This will create information that would have more value than ever as diversity creates a wide spread of knowledge.

How to operate business in India?

India is a vast country with people from several religions, culture and languages. When operating business in a country like India all the factors such as religion, culture and language need to be taken into account. It is also important to understand the main financial cities of India. Mumbai is considered the financial city of India with the Indian Stock Exchange based at the heart of the city. Delhi being the capital of the country also attracts a lot of foreign investments. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are considered the IT hubs in India.

Different Languages and Culture in India:

Whilst doing business in India it is of vital importance to understand the local languages and culture. During the initial period businesses can take advice and help from a Translation agency to understand the different languages and culture. However with 25 states in India the langue spoken in one state is different from the other. It is believed that over 200 languages are spoken across India and varies from state to state. However the central government of the country accepts only Hindi as the national language of India. Businesses may be in need of translation or interpretation services during their business development and growth process in India. For example whilst exchanging business documents companies may be in need of Document Translation.

It is also important to understand that the hierarchy at workplace is also vital during business development process in India. Indian culture and different religions are primarily revolved around Hinduism wherein the elders and the higher authorities are given respect. So the Indian business framework follows strict hierarchy.

Doing Business in India? Better do a handshake…

Handshake is of prime importance whilst operating your business in India. Potential business investors also need to be aware about the different National holidays in India. For example in UK the Christmas Day is a National Holiday. However 25th December (Christmas Day) is a working an in India. Indian businesses operate with Professionalism and require up to date information about the foreign investors. During these periods foreign businesses can use professional translation services to persuade the Indian authorities.

Indians don’t take business decisions based on statistics, empirical data and presentations. They consider factors like intuition, feeling, faith and trust.

Immigration and Translation industry

World has become a very small place with people travelling across the world. Indian and Chinese students have been travelling to western countries like UK and U.S.A for more than half a century.  Eastern European Immigrants constantly travel to UK for work and business purpose. African community have also seen several people migrating to foreign countries like UK, USA and other developed countries.

Rise in Certified Translation

People whose first language is not English always find it difficult to understand the certify travel documents. Immigration authorities have always encountered problems handling foreign people during the immigration process. People are unaware about the importance certified translation during their immigration and travelling process. Today’s world has become very multicultural with people getting married to partners from a different country, culture, religion and cast. These marriages among people from varied culture and cast have also raised the demand of certified translation. We have seen a rise in demand of certifying marriage documents and immigration documents.

Government authorities and other such legal bodies have regularly shown interest in Certified Translation. With increasing globalisation these legal authorities need Notarised Translation for legal documents.

Constant Travellers need to be aware…..

English speakers are now in a minority i.e. people with their first language as English. With a multilingual population around us there is a huge demand in the translation industry for death certificates, adoption documents, insurance documents and many more. So travellers and immigrants need to consider reliable certified translation service before undertaking any process. Immigrants flying overseas also need to consider the apostille certified translation since this document needs to be submitted in the visiting foreign country.


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